Saturday, 1 March 2008

What a day - and British weather to boot!

Hi everyone

We are now at Lake Taupo, which is about in the middle of the north island. You will see that my lovely daughter has been pinning us to a map - which is great! Ta Lucy!

We set off from Wellington this morning and turned north on the main route through this country - route 1. It took us up through some lovely pastoral countryside and the weather was sort of overcast and humid. We then started climbing and found ourselves following the most tremendous river gorge - you could see signs for bungy jumping etc. And then we passed a sign telling us that the road ahead was open - that usually means you're in for some fun and games. And we were! We crossed what is called the desert road. Sadly, it started raining and we had no views at all (memories of Scotland, Tony) but the vegetation etc. was just like Rannoch moor or Kielder Forest. And it went on for miles. We must have been very high. There were dried up river beds and heather and not much more. Eventually, we dropped down from all this and started seeing signs of civilisation again. We reached the lake and drove up the eastern side of it. It must be a huge lake because it looked as though we were on the coast. And then, as we neared Taupo itself, we found ourselves in the middle of an enormous triathlon for the Strong Man New Zealand 2008 competition. There were hundreds of them running along the side of the road - and then we got into the middle of the town and there were the bicycles ready for them to jump on to. We were just able to squeeze the motor homes through the melee.

However, we made it up to the site - another nice one this time with its own swimming pool and thermal pools - and got set up ready for that cup of tea. And it's still raining! Very warm though. I managed to get all my washing done this morning before we left, so I shall spend a very pleasant hour ironing it all in the laundry room. My middle name is Mrs. Tiggywinkle, I think.

Tomorrow we have to leave here early and get ourselves to the Lady Knox Geyser at Rotorua by 10.05 because she blows at 10.15 regularly - and apparently waits for no man! We then drive on to our next site in Rotorua, and are picked up by coach at 4.30 to be taken to a Maori village etc. for some cultural stuff. And we have more of the same the day after, but at least we're staying on one site for two nights - quite a treat! Just hope the weather improves a little for us.

Richard's hair is coming along nicely. He still doesn't need to brush it in the mornings, but at least he has something to wash now. By the time we get back, we should have him looking half decent.

That's all for now, folks. Speak to you all tomorrow

Christine and Richard


Anna Dunford said...

Kia ora!

Sorry about the weather... by the way they cheat with Lady Knox and set it off by hand hence it's punctuality, however I won't spoil it all by telling you how they do it or how the method was discovered!

Anyway if you will be in Auckland sometime before the 21st it would be lovely to meet up - annadunford @ I'm down on placement for my Early Childhood Education course.

Enjoy your travels in this beautiful country.

Anna (Morgan's godmother!)

rovernut said...

My word, you've been busy!

Fancy going all that way and meeting Joby's workmates!

Sounds very hectic but interesting, glad you're enjoying.

See you soon


milkmenandmorris said...

Happy Mother's Day Mother.