Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Greetings from Sydney

Thursday, 14th March, 2008

Hello everyone. We are now in Sydney, staying at the Harbour Marriott, and our room overlooks the opera house and some of the harbours etc. What a view. We can't stop looking at it! And last night, all lit up, just spectacular!

We left Brisbane yesterday (Jane ran us to the airport, thanks) and we actually caught an earlier flight than we were booked on to. As it was an internal flight, the formalities were very few and we seemed to just walk in, walk on and take off - great! We flew down southwards, and before we knew it we were coming in to Sydney. And what an experience that was. We flew right over the city, saw all the harbours, etc. and then carried on out to sea. And out to sea a long, long way. I thought the pilot had missed it! But then the plane started turning and, as we were on that side of the plane, we kept dipping down. And, of course, the plane was going lower and lower. At each turn, I thought we were going into the sea! At last we were over land, but then the land was gone again and we were over the sea again. And we were so low. Right at the last minute, we came over land and touched down. Wow! I won't forget that landing in a hurry, either.

Taxi to town, booked in, unpacked, and off! We went down to the harbour to see what was what, and decided to get the ferry over to Manly, which seemed to be the longest ferry ride. It was fabulous. We sat right at the front of the boat, and saw all the little bays and developments along the coast. We got off at Manly and had a fishy meal at the Manly Bay Hotel. Then we saw one of the ferries coming in, so dashed back to catch it. It was just getting dusk, and as we travelled back to the main Sydney harbours it went completely dark (dusk - evenings - don't seem to exist here. One minute it's daylight, the next it's dark). So, coming back into the city with all the lights one everywhere was just magical.

Once again, we staggered back into the hotel and collapsed. We're going to need another holiday to get over this one!

So, now it's Thursday and no doubt another exciting day. We're getting the concierge here to see if he can get us seats for the opera on Friday night to see La Boheme, but we don't know yet if he can.

We'll be blogging again tomorrow, folks

Christine and Richard

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