Tuesday, 4 March 2008

North of Auckland

Tuesday, 4th March 2008

Greetings all. We are now at Orewa, north of Auckland, and the site is right on the beach, with great big rollers coming in. That bit's fantastic - the bit that's not is that it's raining and has been raining all the way up. We drove up what we thought was a coast road, but turned out we saw no coast! Then we drove straight through the middle of Auckland - what a site. The sky tower is superb, and the marinas in all the harbours. Then we came off the SH1 and down to here. It really is a lovely spot - in the sunshine. Hopefully the sun will appear tomorrow. Thanks for the comment Wendy - I can imagine what a lovely place it must have been for you at Christmas.

One downer - our van is leaking on the back window and I'm rushing this so that I can send an email to the United Campervan people to let them know what I think of them. How dare they give us a substandard product! We'll see what they have to say for themselves.

I'll email tomorrow from Russell on the Bay of Islands and update you on our progress.

Love to all
Christine and Richard

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