Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Kia ora from Russell

Wednesday, 5th March

Greetings all. We are now at Russell right up on the Bay of Islands - and what a beautiful place this is. It's like paradise! Blue sky, sparkling water, lots of yachts - even a cruise ship on the horizon - and the most perfect accommodation. Let me explain.

Our van has been letting in water, and last night at 1.00 a.m. we found it was still doing it. We had to quickly rearrange the sleeping arrangements. You can imagine the mood I was in. Anyway, a man came out to reseal the window and the motor home company arranged for us to spend the night at a B & B in Russell. And it is gorgeous. When we saw it, we decided to stay for the remaining nights. It's called the Villa Russell, Little Queen Street, Russell if it's got a web site. We have the use of a balcony which looks right out over the bay and we're in heaven. And a real bed to sleep in at last. Then we can go back to Auckland on Saturday rested and relaxed. Tomorrow we're going to see a sound and light show at Waitangi, and on Friday morning we're doing a cruise round the bay and the islands. And then that's it! All over. What an amazing time we've had. I'll email again tomorrow perhaps and then from the hotel in Auckland before we fly out to Brisbane.

Kia ora from Richard and Christine

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jonezee said...

Hi there,
You seem to be having a great time. I hope the sun is shining for you again. We never got up as far as Russell, but it sounds really lovely. The Villa Russell does have a website. It seems to be owned by kingfisher charters, and they seem quite a large company chartering boats and all sorts of stuff. The accommodation looks splendid. They do have some super bead and breakfast places over there. I think you are in for a grand time in Auckland also, if you are staying at the Langham Hotel. It is very smart. Enjoy!
P.S. Spare a thought for me tomorrow [Thurs] I shall be speaking at the RSA in Altrincham.