Sunday, 9 March 2008


Monday, 10th March, 2008

Greetings everyone from Brisbane, Australia.

We flew over yesterday from Auckland - a 3.5 hour flight - and we took off at 2.50 only to land here at 3.15 p.m. Consequently, by last night we were jiggered!

Jane met us at the airport and brought us back here to Ashgrove. What a lovely house they have. And they made us so welcome. We had a barbecue last night, and Aaron's mum, sister and niece came along, and, knowing Aaron, the food was superb. We had to retire to bed by about 9.00 p.m., and slept like logs until about 7.00 this morning. We were just shattered! Aaron has gone off to work now and Jane has just taken the children off to school. Then she is going to show us some of the sights around Brisbane and we might even get a little retail therapy in there as well. It's quite humid here and overcast, but not too hot fortunately.

We were regaled last night with all the insects, birds and animals that we might encounter here. I'm jumping at the least thing now, checking my shoes before I put them on, etc. Richard missed all that, so he's not bothered. Progress report on Richard's hair by the way - coming along nicely. He might have to have the top shaved again shortly - he looks like the baby from Peanuts at the moment. Ah, cruel world!

Speak to you all soon

Christine and Richard


jonezee said...

Well you finally made it then. You are having one heluva holiday.
I don't know very much about Australia, but I shall be watching for your blogs. They have become a part of my routine now. I look every morning, so keep up the good work.


Lucy said...

Glad you've made it to Australia.

I'll start a new tour map for you for Oz - the NZ one is finished now.

If you get a chance to load some photos up to Flickr while you are at Jane's I can add some to your blog...

Say hi to Jane and family.


rovernut said...

Hi You two,

Sounds like you're still enjoying yourselves and why not.

However, we need Richard (Peanuts) to attend a liquid lunch here in the gale torn homeland. So when are you planning to return?

Chris (Luncheon Club Secretary)