Thursday, 20 March 2008

Wonderful Lymm

Thursday, 20th March, 2008

Home again, home again. Wonderful.

We had a horrid journey from LA, the worst part being the flight from Heathrow to Manchester with the World's Favourite Airline! Our lovely daughter-in-law met us with a great big smile and were we glad to see her. Home now, heating on, washing started, 351 emails (I've already deleted 200-odd of them) and a stack of mail. All we need now is a cup of tea and some rest.

Speak to you all soon

Thanks for putting up with all this blogging - it's been fun and we hope you've enjoyed it. Next thing we'll be boring you with our photographs!

Christine and Richard

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

World Map

Want to see where Christine and Richard have been? Have a look at the map:

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Howdy from the U.S. of A

Tuesday, 18th March, 2008

Greetings from Los Angeles. We've just arrived here and are staying the night at the Marriott at the airport. Tomorrow we fly overnight to London and then arrive up at Manchester sometime Thursday. We've actually had this day twice - we set off from Fiji on Tuesday, 18th March, at 10.00 p.m. and flew east across the equator and the international date line. We landed at LA at 1.00 p.m. the same day. Strange but true!

We had a lovely time on Fiji although the weather was either extremely hot and humid or pouring with tropical rain. The hotel and the resort were fantastic, and the people there were just lovely.

Off now to see if we can find a mall to spend some more money, and then a quick meal and an early night to catch up with the sleep we lost last night.

May blog from London if there's time - or it maybe from Lymm international airport on Thursday.

Love to all

Christine and Richard - world travellers!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bula from Fiji

Monday, 17th March, 2008

Greetings from Fiji. We arrived here in the dark last night and we didn't get a chance to see the resort until this morning. We're staying in a sort of wooden cabin with - thank goodness - terrific air conditioning, and all mod. cons. The hotel itself is a huge complex of cabins, spa facilities, shops, restaurants etc. and it is on a man-made island called Deserau. There is a Sheraton here as well with similar facilities. There are all sorts of pools here and the beach is out of this world - a lagoon really as there is a breakwater across, and all the lovely sand. All quite amazing, and the people here are quite delightful, so friendly and helpful. At breakfast this morning, a group of waiters and waitresses just started singing - mainly to two European children who were a bit fractious - but it was so lovely.

When we were strolling back from our room last night, we came across two people that we had been on the New Zealand trip with - two people from Liverpool, now living in Wallasey, and great characters. They'd already been here two days and are leaving for LA tonight, a day ahead of us. It was nice to catch up with them.

Now for the bad news - this place is so hot and humid! As bad if not worse than Singapore. When I came out of our room this morning, my glasses steamed up with the humidity. It had rained in the night and everything seems to be steaming! I hate to say it as this place is so beautiful, but I'm glad we're only here for two days - I think I'd melt if we stayed any longer. A good walk down Llandudno prom in November is more my style!

So, farewell from Fiji. I won't be blogging tomorrow but may from the hotel in LA on Wednesday.

Christine and Richard

No Grand Prix for us today

Sunday, 16th March, 2008

Greetings from Sydney airport. We're waiting for our flight to Nadi, Fiji, and there was free internet access - so here we are.

Sorry Chris. If Richard had arranged the itinerary himself instead of leaving it to me, and even if I'd known when the Melbourne Grand Prix was, we might have organised things differently. But do you know what the temperature is down there? And how much it would have cost? I don't think so! We'll catch it on Sky in our hotel tonight. Maybe next year as a group outing for the gentlemen who lunch?

Anyway, we're flying off eastwards again for a bit of r & r by the blue lagoon. We fly to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Happy birthday Lucy!

Does anyone know what's been happening at Ambridge with the Archers? I'm starting to think about home now and I need to get up to date.

Love to all

Christine and Richard

Friday, 14 March 2008

Last day in Australia

Saturday, 15th March, 2008

Today is our last in Sydney. We're going to get the red open-topped bus and see the sights, and then see what happens. It's looking very hot again, so carrying water round all the time, and always wearing hats.

We went to the opera last night. The opera itself - La Boheme - was a disappointment in that the story line was rubbish and it was done in modern dress, which to my mind didn't work. But the actual experience - seeing the opera house, especially at that time in the evening, and the inside of the building - was just amazing. There are so many open terraces and walkways. Because I'm hobbling with sciatica, we were taken in through the stage door and up in a lift, so that was interesting, seeing backstage. And then, at the end, everyone streaming out into the middle of Sydney, with the ferries still plying to and fro and the bars absolutely crowded with Friday night revellers. Fantastic - and a memory to take home with us.

Yesterday, we went up into Darlinghurst to find Bill's. Hands up those who know who Bill is? Bill Grainger - who has had a couple of series of cooking programmes on BBC tv and who cooks lovely easy sunny food. We took a taxi there as it was quite difficult to find, and had a lovely breakfast. He is famous for ricotta hot cakes with honey butter and maple syrup - yummy! And, while we were there, he came in. He looks quite a lot older and has shaved all his lovely blond hair off, but still - and he smiled at us! There's fame! After that, we walked down to King's Cross and bought an all day travel ticket (which covers trains, buses and ferries) and went down into the city. We then caught a ferry out to Parramatta, a lovely ride out up the river westwards, stopping at all sorts of little communities etc., and got off at the Olympic Stadium. There was a bus waiting for the ferry, which was just as well because, in that heat, I couldn't have walked anywhere. We went into the visitor centre there but unfortunately couldn't do a tour as we had to get back down into the city to go to the opera later. But the Olympic site was so interesting, and it's lovely to see that it's still being used for what it was built for. And it's huge. It was a green field site before 2000, and has been beautifully and ecologically transformed. Even a complete underground railway station. There was a rugby match on there last night, so it was busy. We went into the Novotel there and asked to go up to their 17th floor to see the view. We couldn't see the Olympic stadium itself, but we could see right over the city and some of the other stadia. Well worth the visit.

So, today beckons. Richard is getting impatient as I type - I can feel his eyes boring into my back!

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Lucy. I don't know if I'll be blogging as we have to be out at the airport by 10.00, but I may be able to blog from Fiji. Hope everyone is well there now.

Bye from Oz

Christine and Richard

Thursday, 13 March 2008

A night at the Opera

Friday, 14th March, 2008

Hello everyone, from Sydney

Yes - we're actually going to the opera tonight. Our tickets came through and we're to see La Boheme tonight. Can't wait. We've been avoiding going over to the Opera House, even though it's only 10 minutes walk away so that we can see it tonight properly. Report tomorrow.

Yesterday, Thursday, was very hot again here, although it did start to cool down towards the end of the afternoon. We walked across to the Shangri-La Hotel to see if we could contact a couple who were in New Zealand with us, but they were out. We did get a message last night on our answering system, but they are leaving today for Cairns, so we won't be able to see them.

We then wandered down to the harbour and picked up a ferry round to Darling Harbour. Last time we were in Sydney, we had a drink at a Lindt cafe - the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had - and we wanted the same again. It was just as good. We then wandered up into the city to see if we could find the NSW Quilters' Guild offices which were there, but they went and moved without telling us! Never mind. We then did a bit of shop-wandering (me looking round the shop but Richard standing at the doorway with his arms crossed sending evil thoughts my way), and then went up the Sydney Tower where we had the most amazing 360 degree views of the city. It was a bit hazy, but breathtaking, nevertheless. We could see the airport and the way that the planes were coming in - no wonder it was hair-raising on Wednesday!

While we were shopping, I spotted a shop called Lincraft and we went up to have a look. It was a bit like Hobbycraft in the UK. I asked the lady if she had any quilting fabrics, and she said 'yes - but you should really go to Logan's, out in the suburbs, for the best choice. So - we got the bus, half an hour journey, long walk up the road in the heat, and we found it. And what a fantastic place it was. I've never been in a shop with so much fabric before. Heaven. Richard was taken into the workshop area so that he could relax and recover - but really so that he couldn't see what I was buying. I cheered up no end, I can tell you!

Back into the city, quick turnaround, and out to the Customs House at the Harbour Front, where they have a lovely restaurant on the roof. We had a delicious meal with the most amazing view - Sydney harbour, bridge, opera house, etc. etc. in the gathering dark. There were about 5 different groups climbing the bridge, and we watched them go up and then down again, the latter in the dark. Richard can't take heights now, due to his blood pressure tablets, otherwise I think we'd have given it a go.

Back to the hotel and bed. Today, Friday, we're going out for breakfast and then not sure what - but, of course, the opera this evening. We'll both have to put long trousers on - first time in about 3 weeks! We have to look the part.

Hope that the weather in the UK is improving. I wonder if we still have a roof on our house? Hope so!

We have one more day here in Sydney and then fly off to Fiji on Sunday.

Reporting again soon

Christine and Richard

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Greetings from Sydney

Thursday, 14th March, 2008

Hello everyone. We are now in Sydney, staying at the Harbour Marriott, and our room overlooks the opera house and some of the harbours etc. What a view. We can't stop looking at it! And last night, all lit up, just spectacular!

We left Brisbane yesterday (Jane ran us to the airport, thanks) and we actually caught an earlier flight than we were booked on to. As it was an internal flight, the formalities were very few and we seemed to just walk in, walk on and take off - great! We flew down southwards, and before we knew it we were coming in to Sydney. And what an experience that was. We flew right over the city, saw all the harbours, etc. and then carried on out to sea. And out to sea a long, long way. I thought the pilot had missed it! But then the plane started turning and, as we were on that side of the plane, we kept dipping down. And, of course, the plane was going lower and lower. At each turn, I thought we were going into the sea! At last we were over land, but then the land was gone again and we were over the sea again. And we were so low. Right at the last minute, we came over land and touched down. Wow! I won't forget that landing in a hurry, either.

Taxi to town, booked in, unpacked, and off! We went down to the harbour to see what was what, and decided to get the ferry over to Manly, which seemed to be the longest ferry ride. It was fabulous. We sat right at the front of the boat, and saw all the little bays and developments along the coast. We got off at Manly and had a fishy meal at the Manly Bay Hotel. Then we saw one of the ferries coming in, so dashed back to catch it. It was just getting dusk, and as we travelled back to the main Sydney harbours it went completely dark (dusk - evenings - don't seem to exist here. One minute it's daylight, the next it's dark). So, coming back into the city with all the lights one everywhere was just magical.

Once again, we staggered back into the hotel and collapsed. We're going to need another holiday to get over this one!

So, now it's Thursday and no doubt another exciting day. We're getting the concierge here to see if he can get us seats for the opera on Friday night to see La Boheme, but we don't know yet if he can.

We'll be blogging again tomorrow, folks

Christine and Richard

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Farewell Brisbane

Wednesday, 12th March 2008

Hello all.

We're leaving Brisbane this morning for Sydney - only a short hop, apparently. It's been very humid and hot here (though the locals seem to think they've had quite a cool summer), so we're hoping for better things down in Sydney. We're staying at a Marriott Hotel and our room overlooks the opera house - there's posh!

Yesterday, Jane took us down into the city and parked up at the South Bank - a beautiful area that actually has its own beach and swimming/paddling area, complete with life guards etc. Also down there were lots of restaurants, shops, a lovely new events arena, and various museums - none of which we felt up to exploring, which was a shame. We took a river cruise which took us up river for 1.5 hours and told us a great deal about the city and its history, and it was also very cool so we all enjoyed that. Then we lunched, had a walk over the river into the city and back again, and then we came back to Ashgrove to recover. We went for a meal in a nearby suburb called Rosalie to an Asian restaurant, and met Aaron's father, Ian, and his partner. A lovely evening to round off our stay.

We have had the most marvellous time in Brisbane (Brizzy to the natives), and Jane and Aaron have been so kind and welcoming. They have a beautiful home, which they intend to improve again shortly by adding a swimming pool in the back garden! Wow! And they have introduced us to their family and their way of life - which is extremely enviable. Many, many thanks!

So - off to Sydney. Next blog from there, folks!

Christine and Richard

Monday, 10 March 2008


Tuesday, 11th March

Hello everyone. G'day again from Brisbane. It's going to be a very hot day here today, and we're going in to the city to see what we can see. We'll see how far we get, anyway. Tonight we're eating out at a Thai restaurant, which will be lovely. (Hope they have air conditioning, though.)

Some answers to some queries -

1. We are returning home on about 20th March, Chris, and will need a day or so to recover, so Richard is all your's after that.

2. I'll see what I can do, Lucy, but life's a bit hectic and not sure if we'll have the time or the knowhow. We can always do that when we get back.

3. Thanks for the comments Wendy. How did Cynthia etc. take the news?

We had a lovely day yesterday. We visited Mount Coot-tha (a local high spot where you can look out over the city) and then we came down to the Botanic Gardens which were amazing. We then dived into a big shopping centre looking for swimming costumes, but with no success. (I think the whole of New Zealand and Australia have stopped selling them for the winter. Might have to start the hunt in the U.K.) We then came back to Jane's house so I could do the ironing (Jane has a super iron, so that was a real treat), and then we went over to see her sister-in-law and new nephew, Dante, who is almost a year old now and gorgeous. There are photos on Flickr if anyone wants to see him. Then a meal here and another early night for the exhausted pensioners.

Tomorrow, we fly to Sydney - we have to be at the airport by 11.15 a.m. We're staying in a hotel with a room overlooking the opera house, and we're hoping to get tickets to see La Boheme on Friday evening. Just for the experience, you understand. We're not exactly opera-buffs. We're also hoping to look up Bill! Bill (don't know his last name) has a couple of restaurants in the Sydney area as well as a series or two on TV, and we'd like to see what the food is like. And, on Sunday, we fly off to Fiji.

We'll blog again tomorrow, hopefully. Isn't blog a satisfactory word?


Christine and Richard

Sunday, 9 March 2008


Monday, 10th March, 2008

Greetings everyone from Brisbane, Australia.

We flew over yesterday from Auckland - a 3.5 hour flight - and we took off at 2.50 only to land here at 3.15 p.m. Consequently, by last night we were jiggered!

Jane met us at the airport and brought us back here to Ashgrove. What a lovely house they have. And they made us so welcome. We had a barbecue last night, and Aaron's mum, sister and niece came along, and, knowing Aaron, the food was superb. We had to retire to bed by about 9.00 p.m., and slept like logs until about 7.00 this morning. We were just shattered! Aaron has gone off to work now and Jane has just taken the children off to school. Then she is going to show us some of the sights around Brisbane and we might even get a little retail therapy in there as well. It's quite humid here and overcast, but not too hot fortunately.

We were regaled last night with all the insects, birds and animals that we might encounter here. I'm jumping at the least thing now, checking my shoes before I put them on, etc. Richard missed all that, so he's not bothered. Progress report on Richard's hair by the way - coming along nicely. He might have to have the top shaved again shortly - he looks like the baby from Peanuts at the moment. Ah, cruel world!

Speak to you all soon

Christine and Richard

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Auckland, at last!

Saturday, 8th March, 2008

Kia ora everyone.

We have arrived at the Langham Hotel in Auckland, after a long day, and it's a super hotel. We will be eating in here tonight as a friend of Lucy's (and godmother to one of our granchildren) is living in Auckland at present and she is going to pop along to say hello.

For our last night in Russell we all went down to a club in the town and had a farewell drink or seven and had a really enjoyable evening. Then an early night, so that we could get all packed up and ready to go early this morning. Firstly we had to get the motorhome down the nearly vertical drive from the b & b, which was hair-raising (if we had any). Then we set off south, stopping for a bit of lunch at Orewa where we stayed four days ago in the rain - it looks completely different in the sunshine and so beautiful. The whole run down was beautiful, in fact, even the drag through the Auckland suburbs. The harbours there and the bridges are marvellous, and we got some good photos as we were coming through. Then we had to wait two hours at the motor home drop-off point for the coach into town. But we're here now and it's a super hotel, with all the usual luxuries - but sadly no launderette. I'll have to save all my washing and do it when we get to Jane's house. Sorry, Jane! And we have a bath - wonderful to soak in a bath after all the showers.

We're all quite sad that this part of the holiday is over, and I suspect there'll be a few tears from some of our members when we say goodbye tomorrow. We still have an exciting part of the holiday to come, so we're looking forward as well as back.

It's been very hot again today, so the air conditioning in here is very welcome. When I can find something respectable to wear, we'll wander on down and see what's cooking.

Wendy - thanks for the comments and for telephoning for me. You. Josie and I will have to do a three-way talk at the RSA on how to travel the world and meet your neighbours!

I will hopefully be in touch tomorrow from Queensland's capital city.

Kia ora again, and for the last time

Christine and Richard

Friday, 7 March 2008

You'll never believe this one!

Friday, March 7th

Kia ora from Russell in the north island on the Bay of Islands. We're having the most super time here. The place is so gorgeous, and we're staying in this lovely b & b still. Yesterday evening, we took the ferry across to Pahia and had a lovely meal, followed by a trip to the Waitangi Treaty Ground where the Maori and the British signed the treaty in 1840 something, and they put on a sound and light show which is great. Today, we've been on a cruise out round the headland into the Pacific to a place called Cape Brett and Brett Rock where the boat actually goes through a hole in the rock. Quite scary and choppy! Then we took a little bus tour around Russell itself which was lovely - this really is the most delightful place - a little bit of heaven right here on earth. What song is that line from? The weather here has been perfect - hot but not too hot, and the sun makes everything look so much better - even a wet motor home!

And then! I was just coming into this internet shop to blog, and I heard a voice from behind me shouting 'Christine'! I turned round and it was Josie Sherlock! What a surprise! I knew she was over here, staying with friends in Wellington, but knew I had no chance of catching up with her. But she and her two friends had all come up here to Kerikeri to stay with a relative and had come over on the ferry to see Russell. As my daughter tells me, as you get older the world gets smaller. We had a good old chat and a cup of tea (and some chips, but that's another story), and now they've had to go back on the ferry - they are going to Waitangi tonight. We're looking forward to the next RSA meeting so we can tell everyone all about it!

Tonight is our last night with the group, and we're all meeting up at the RSA (no, not the M &S retired staff association but the retired services association) for a few drinks. Tomorrow, we have to set off early to make the long drive back to Auckland to hand in the motor home and get to our hotel. And Sunday, of course, we fly to Brisbane. We're all feeling a little sad that it's all coming to an end. With this being such a large group (30 motor homes, 60 people), we're only just getting to know each other. Ah well!

Farewell from Russell and the Bay of Islands

Christine and Richard

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Kia ora from Russell

Wednesday, 5th March

Greetings all. We are now at Russell right up on the Bay of Islands - and what a beautiful place this is. It's like paradise! Blue sky, sparkling water, lots of yachts - even a cruise ship on the horizon - and the most perfect accommodation. Let me explain.

Our van has been letting in water, and last night at 1.00 a.m. we found it was still doing it. We had to quickly rearrange the sleeping arrangements. You can imagine the mood I was in. Anyway, a man came out to reseal the window and the motor home company arranged for us to spend the night at a B & B in Russell. And it is gorgeous. When we saw it, we decided to stay for the remaining nights. It's called the Villa Russell, Little Queen Street, Russell if it's got a web site. We have the use of a balcony which looks right out over the bay and we're in heaven. And a real bed to sleep in at last. Then we can go back to Auckland on Saturday rested and relaxed. Tomorrow we're going to see a sound and light show at Waitangi, and on Friday morning we're doing a cruise round the bay and the islands. And then that's it! All over. What an amazing time we've had. I'll email again tomorrow perhaps and then from the hotel in Auckland before we fly out to Brisbane.

Kia ora from Richard and Christine

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

North of Auckland

Tuesday, 4th March 2008

Greetings all. We are now at Orewa, north of Auckland, and the site is right on the beach, with great big rollers coming in. That bit's fantastic - the bit that's not is that it's raining and has been raining all the way up. We drove up what we thought was a coast road, but turned out we saw no coast! Then we drove straight through the middle of Auckland - what a site. The sky tower is superb, and the marinas in all the harbours. Then we came off the SH1 and down to here. It really is a lovely spot - in the sunshine. Hopefully the sun will appear tomorrow. Thanks for the comment Wendy - I can imagine what a lovely place it must have been for you at Christmas.

One downer - our van is leaking on the back window and I'm rushing this so that I can send an email to the United Campervan people to let them know what I think of them. How dare they give us a substandard product! We'll see what they have to say for themselves.

I'll email tomorrow from Russell on the Bay of Islands and update you on our progress.

Love to all
Christine and Richard

Monday, 3 March 2008

We're still here!

Hello everyone. Sorry for no-show last night The computers were down here and they've only just got them sorted

We are now at Rotorua, a busy town on Lake Rotorua full of touristy things. We actually missed the Lady Knox geyser yesterday (wrong directions) but we went to Te Puia, a Maori cultural experience which was really enjoyable. There were two geysers there and they duly performed for us - amazing. We then met some Maori warriors and dancers and they gave us a typical Maori meal - except it wasn't cooked in the ground or anything because of Health and Safety! Yes - it's here as well and seemingly worse than at home. We weren't allowed to have a step for the motor van door unless we signed a disclaimer! Crazy.

Today we've been up to the top of a local mountain to have breakfast and see the sights. Then we went to an agrodome and learned everything we'd ever need to now (and didn't want to know) about sheep. It was actually very good. We then were taken to a redwood forest and had a quiet walk there. Since then, we've been shopping (for a change) and I even managed to get my hair done by such a nice boy! Worth every penny, though. And now we're relaxing at the van and thinking about tea. As we're getting near the end of our time here, we need to start using some of the food in the van. We're not allowed to take anything out of New Zealand - they are very strict.

Tomorrow, we set off north again and will follow the east coast up towards Auckland. We actually have to drive through the middle of Auckland (state highway 1) and cross the harbour bridge. We then follow this road on until we come to the Silverdale exit and then carry on to Orewa, a beach resort which looks good. From there, on Wednesday, we go up to Russell on the Bay of Islands for 3 whole nights - wow! Then we're at the end of the holiday and come back down to Auckland for 1 night in a hotel before flying over to Brisbane.

Thank you, Anna, for your message. I'm not sure if I can email you back - the AOL connection went a bit wobbly on me. I don't think we'll have time to get in touch. We have friends of friends in Oritea and I don't think we'll be able to contact them either We will have so little time in Auckland, and we have to leave for the airport by 10.30 on the Sunday morning. If you'd care to pop in to the Langham Hotel Saturday evening, we'd love to meet you. Tony - if you could pass on the same message to Don and Pat as well, that would be great.

Thanks to my children who sent me a Mother's Day greeting. That was a lovely surprise. M - I tried to text you back but couldn't do it - but thanks and love to everyone there.

I'll email again tomorrow night from Orewa

Cheers - Richard and Christine

Saturday, 1 March 2008

What a day - and British weather to boot!

Hi everyone

We are now at Lake Taupo, which is about in the middle of the north island. You will see that my lovely daughter has been pinning us to a map - which is great! Ta Lucy!

We set off from Wellington this morning and turned north on the main route through this country - route 1. It took us up through some lovely pastoral countryside and the weather was sort of overcast and humid. We then started climbing and found ourselves following the most tremendous river gorge - you could see signs for bungy jumping etc. And then we passed a sign telling us that the road ahead was open - that usually means you're in for some fun and games. And we were! We crossed what is called the desert road. Sadly, it started raining and we had no views at all (memories of Scotland, Tony) but the vegetation etc. was just like Rannoch moor or Kielder Forest. And it went on for miles. We must have been very high. There were dried up river beds and heather and not much more. Eventually, we dropped down from all this and started seeing signs of civilisation again. We reached the lake and drove up the eastern side of it. It must be a huge lake because it looked as though we were on the coast. And then, as we neared Taupo itself, we found ourselves in the middle of an enormous triathlon for the Strong Man New Zealand 2008 competition. There were hundreds of them running along the side of the road - and then we got into the middle of the town and there were the bicycles ready for them to jump on to. We were just able to squeeze the motor homes through the melee.

However, we made it up to the site - another nice one this time with its own swimming pool and thermal pools - and got set up ready for that cup of tea. And it's still raining! Very warm though. I managed to get all my washing done this morning before we left, so I shall spend a very pleasant hour ironing it all in the laundry room. My middle name is Mrs. Tiggywinkle, I think.

Tomorrow we have to leave here early and get ourselves to the Lady Knox Geyser at Rotorua by 10.05 because she blows at 10.15 regularly - and apparently waits for no man! We then drive on to our next site in Rotorua, and are picked up by coach at 4.30 to be taken to a Maori village etc. for some cultural stuff. And we have more of the same the day after, but at least we're staying on one site for two nights - quite a treat! Just hope the weather improves a little for us.

Richard's hair is coming along nicely. He still doesn't need to brush it in the mornings, but at least he has something to wash now. By the time we get back, we should have him looking half decent.

That's all for now, folks. Speak to you all tomorrow

Christine and Richard