Friday, 7 March 2008

You'll never believe this one!

Friday, March 7th

Kia ora from Russell in the north island on the Bay of Islands. We're having the most super time here. The place is so gorgeous, and we're staying in this lovely b & b still. Yesterday evening, we took the ferry across to Pahia and had a lovely meal, followed by a trip to the Waitangi Treaty Ground where the Maori and the British signed the treaty in 1840 something, and they put on a sound and light show which is great. Today, we've been on a cruise out round the headland into the Pacific to a place called Cape Brett and Brett Rock where the boat actually goes through a hole in the rock. Quite scary and choppy! Then we took a little bus tour around Russell itself which was lovely - this really is the most delightful place - a little bit of heaven right here on earth. What song is that line from? The weather here has been perfect - hot but not too hot, and the sun makes everything look so much better - even a wet motor home!

And then! I was just coming into this internet shop to blog, and I heard a voice from behind me shouting 'Christine'! I turned round and it was Josie Sherlock! What a surprise! I knew she was over here, staying with friends in Wellington, but knew I had no chance of catching up with her. But she and her two friends had all come up here to Kerikeri to stay with a relative and had come over on the ferry to see Russell. As my daughter tells me, as you get older the world gets smaller. We had a good old chat and a cup of tea (and some chips, but that's another story), and now they've had to go back on the ferry - they are going to Waitangi tonight. We're looking forward to the next RSA meeting so we can tell everyone all about it!

Tonight is our last night with the group, and we're all meeting up at the RSA (no, not the M &S retired staff association but the retired services association) for a few drinks. Tomorrow, we have to set off early to make the long drive back to Auckland to hand in the motor home and get to our hotel. And Sunday, of course, we fly to Brisbane. We're all feeling a little sad that it's all coming to an end. With this being such a large group (30 motor homes, 60 people), we're only just getting to know each other. Ah well!

Farewell from Russell and the Bay of Islands

Christine and Richard

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jonezee said...

Well Christine. Life is full of surprises, just when you there couldn't be anything more, up pops another one.

I told everyone at the RSA yesterday about this blog and I think one or two might be having a look for it.

I'm so pleased that you have enjoyed yourselves after the way we raved about NZ to you.

All this blogging has mad Peter decide that we are going again next year. Hoorah!