Monday, 10 March 2008


Tuesday, 11th March

Hello everyone. G'day again from Brisbane. It's going to be a very hot day here today, and we're going in to the city to see what we can see. We'll see how far we get, anyway. Tonight we're eating out at a Thai restaurant, which will be lovely. (Hope they have air conditioning, though.)

Some answers to some queries -

1. We are returning home on about 20th March, Chris, and will need a day or so to recover, so Richard is all your's after that.

2. I'll see what I can do, Lucy, but life's a bit hectic and not sure if we'll have the time or the knowhow. We can always do that when we get back.

3. Thanks for the comments Wendy. How did Cynthia etc. take the news?

We had a lovely day yesterday. We visited Mount Coot-tha (a local high spot where you can look out over the city) and then we came down to the Botanic Gardens which were amazing. We then dived into a big shopping centre looking for swimming costumes, but with no success. (I think the whole of New Zealand and Australia have stopped selling them for the winter. Might have to start the hunt in the U.K.) We then came back to Jane's house so I could do the ironing (Jane has a super iron, so that was a real treat), and then we went over to see her sister-in-law and new nephew, Dante, who is almost a year old now and gorgeous. There are photos on Flickr if anyone wants to see him. Then a meal here and another early night for the exhausted pensioners.

Tomorrow, we fly to Sydney - we have to be at the airport by 11.15 a.m. We're staying in a hotel with a room overlooking the opera house, and we're hoping to get tickets to see La Boheme on Friday evening. Just for the experience, you understand. We're not exactly opera-buffs. We're also hoping to look up Bill! Bill (don't know his last name) has a couple of restaurants in the Sydney area as well as a series or two on TV, and we'd like to see what the food is like. And, on Sunday, we fly off to Fiji.

We'll blog again tomorrow, hopefully. Isn't blog a satisfactory word?


Christine and Richard

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jonezee said...

If I were you I would stay away from the UK as long as you can. Storms along with high Spring tides are destroying the west coast of England and south coast of Wales. People's homes are in ruins. So far we have been lucky the winds are no stronger than about 60mph, but they are really quite scary.

When I phoned Cynthia she already knew as Josie and sent her a text telling all. Norah was, like me 'gobsmacked', which is the only way I can describe it, as I am still thinking about the coincidence of the whole thing, The millions to one chances of it. Norah and Cynthia just kept saying 'never'. I told them that I had mentioned that you should look out for Josie when you were in Wellington, but that it was said with tongue in cheek, But for you to have actually met, and not even in Wellington where she was staying.

I don't think I will ever forget that. It's the best yet.
Keep having a good time,

love Wendy