Sunday, 16 March 2008

No Grand Prix for us today

Sunday, 16th March, 2008

Greetings from Sydney airport. We're waiting for our flight to Nadi, Fiji, and there was free internet access - so here we are.

Sorry Chris. If Richard had arranged the itinerary himself instead of leaving it to me, and even if I'd known when the Melbourne Grand Prix was, we might have organised things differently. But do you know what the temperature is down there? And how much it would have cost? I don't think so! We'll catch it on Sky in our hotel tonight. Maybe next year as a group outing for the gentlemen who lunch?

Anyway, we're flying off eastwards again for a bit of r & r by the blue lagoon. We fly to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Happy birthday Lucy!

Does anyone know what's been happening at Ambridge with the Archers? I'm starting to think about home now and I need to get up to date.

Love to all

Christine and Richard

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Lucy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - having a lovely day so far. Breakfast in bed and Martin's cooking a huge Roast Dinner - beef and yorkshire puds - yum!

The kids were bouncy and lovely this morning and excited about me opening presents.

Martin bought me a hard hat - it's plain white so have to decorate with something!!

Safe journey...