Thursday, 13 March 2008

A night at the Opera

Friday, 14th March, 2008

Hello everyone, from Sydney

Yes - we're actually going to the opera tonight. Our tickets came through and we're to see La Boheme tonight. Can't wait. We've been avoiding going over to the Opera House, even though it's only 10 minutes walk away so that we can see it tonight properly. Report tomorrow.

Yesterday, Thursday, was very hot again here, although it did start to cool down towards the end of the afternoon. We walked across to the Shangri-La Hotel to see if we could contact a couple who were in New Zealand with us, but they were out. We did get a message last night on our answering system, but they are leaving today for Cairns, so we won't be able to see them.

We then wandered down to the harbour and picked up a ferry round to Darling Harbour. Last time we were in Sydney, we had a drink at a Lindt cafe - the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had - and we wanted the same again. It was just as good. We then wandered up into the city to see if we could find the NSW Quilters' Guild offices which were there, but they went and moved without telling us! Never mind. We then did a bit of shop-wandering (me looking round the shop but Richard standing at the doorway with his arms crossed sending evil thoughts my way), and then went up the Sydney Tower where we had the most amazing 360 degree views of the city. It was a bit hazy, but breathtaking, nevertheless. We could see the airport and the way that the planes were coming in - no wonder it was hair-raising on Wednesday!

While we were shopping, I spotted a shop called Lincraft and we went up to have a look. It was a bit like Hobbycraft in the UK. I asked the lady if she had any quilting fabrics, and she said 'yes - but you should really go to Logan's, out in the suburbs, for the best choice. So - we got the bus, half an hour journey, long walk up the road in the heat, and we found it. And what a fantastic place it was. I've never been in a shop with so much fabric before. Heaven. Richard was taken into the workshop area so that he could relax and recover - but really so that he couldn't see what I was buying. I cheered up no end, I can tell you!

Back into the city, quick turnaround, and out to the Customs House at the Harbour Front, where they have a lovely restaurant on the roof. We had a delicious meal with the most amazing view - Sydney harbour, bridge, opera house, etc. etc. in the gathering dark. There were about 5 different groups climbing the bridge, and we watched them go up and then down again, the latter in the dark. Richard can't take heights now, due to his blood pressure tablets, otherwise I think we'd have given it a go.

Back to the hotel and bed. Today, Friday, we're going out for breakfast and then not sure what - but, of course, the opera this evening. We'll both have to put long trousers on - first time in about 3 weeks! We have to look the part.

Hope that the weather in the UK is improving. I wonder if we still have a roof on our house? Hope so!

We have one more day here in Sydney and then fly off to Fiji on Sunday.

Reporting again soon

Christine and Richard


jonezee said...

Hi there,
I am still here, reading your blogs with great interest everyday. I just can't offer any comments just now, but it all seems so fantastic, keep them coming.

Don't worry about the weather over here, it's only wet and windy. [And how]. The bridge over the Thelwall Viaduct was closed to all traffic on Wednesday due to strong winds. Maybe that will give you some idea.

I hope you both enjoy the opera. What a wonderful experience.

And you still have Fiji to look forward to. If you take in any culture type shows, look out for the dancers in the grass skirts. Peter thinks they are the best, they certainly can shake their hips, I can tell you. [One for Richard maybe].


Lucy said...

Have a fantastic time at the Opera - I;m sure it will be amazing.

I can't believe your trip is coming to an end - I have been really enjoying your blog - you'll have to keep it up when you get back.

All fine here - although Orla has had a couple of ear infections poor thing and she has also had nits :(