Friday, 29 February 2008


Hi folks, Lucy here.

Forgive the intrusion to Mum's blog.

I have been editing the blogs a little as you may have noticed. I have also created some maps showing where they have been so you get an idea for the geography of it all. (Yay - that geography degree coming in useful again!)

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I have put a few links on the right which will take you to the map. You should also be able to see the map above and notice there is a link to get a larger view - fun huh? It is essentially the same map - just with different zooms - so I have put in a world map and a New Zealand map so far - I will add more as I see the need.

The pin points are not 100% accurate as I am just guessing from the blog where to put them - but hopefully they are in the right area.

Each pinpoint on the map has a snippet of blog as well as the date visited. There is also a link back to the blog so hopefully you won't get too lost.

I will try and keep the maps as up to date as I can. Hope you all like them.

(Mother's little helper)

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