Friday, 22 February 2008


February 22nd February, 2008

We're now in Queenstown, after another long day. This morning, we were picked up and taken for a 2.5 hour drive through the mountains to Milford Sound, where we had a very pleasant cruise. We came back to the Te Anau campsite, picked up our motorhome and then drove for about 2.5 hours to Queenstown, a very large town on a lake which has a reputation for all sorts of extreme sports. The site we're on is quite horrid, but we're making our opinions felt with the management and we might get somewhere - you never know! Last night's site was so super, this one is a real let-down.

Richard and I went for a quick meal - an small Italian trattoria which was great. He asked for a grappa, and the lady-owner said 'Come with me!" Well, his little eyes lit up and he trotted off - for a grappa tasting, can you believe! Thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Back to the site now and time for bed. It's very humid here, so hope we sleep all right.

Tomorrow we're being by an old steamer - the TSS Earnslaw - across the lake to have a dinner at some sort of posh place on the other side. Easy morning - time to do some shopping and catch up with the chores. Sunday we move on up to the Mount Cook area, which promises to be fantastic. I'm running out of superlative adjectives - has anyone got any more. This country just seems to need them.

Speak to you tomorrow



jonezee said...

Hi Christine,
We haven't been down as far as Queenstown, but we have been to Mt Cook and Lake Pukaki. I too was stuck for the right words to describe the scenery. Perhaps you remember looking at our DVD of Lake Pukaki. It was so lovely that Peter just kept on filming and filming. Even then he couldn't do it justice. Words like spectacular, magnificent and impressive were not enough. I think I would go with awe inspiring majestic and profoundly moving. I'm sure you will agree when you get there. I so wish I was with you.

jonezee said...

P.S. I forgot to mention, look out for the ever impressive lupins that grow wild along the roadside in the Mount Cook area. This and the Lindas Pass is the only part of NZ where they grow wild like this. The colours are superb.