Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Wednesday, 27th February 2008

Hello everyone. We've arrived at Blenheim, in the north of the south island. We had the most amazing day, going out in a super catamaran to see whales (we found 2 sperm whales) and then about 100 dolphins playing alongside the boat. They were gorgeous. Another boat nearby had people swimming with them. It was very hot, but the sea made things cooler. Another long drive from Kaikoura up to Blenheim, and then a rather grotty site here alongside a river. Lots of traffic noise and grotty grass. Looks more like a hippy encampment!

We're just about to have tea now and perhaps a stroll before turning in. I'm sitting here typing and I'm still swaying as though I'm out at sea.

Wendy - many thanks for your comments, but don't think we'll have too much time here before the ferry on Friday

Von - thanks for the email. So pleased things seem to be turning out OK. We were worried when we didn't hear from you yesterday - but thanks for today's message.

Love to all
Christine and Richard

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Lucy said...

You know you can go back in and edit a post once it has been published??

In fact if you send me your password I'll do some editing for you...

Did you get my email about the UV suits??