Friday, 29 February 2008

Up North!

Friday, 29th February 2008

Hi all! We're here on the outskirts of Wellington, a place called Lower Hutt, and the site for once is very pleasant. We had a very early start this morning to get to the ferry, and all piled on board. It looked rather nice to see all the vans together and going on board. The crossing was about 3 hours, and myself and another couple sneaked off to the cinema to watch "Charlie Wilson's War', which I really enjoyed. Richard, needless to say, was hanging off the front of the boat with either binoculars or camera attached to his face, and hanging on for dear life to his hat. It was just a little windy! They have terrific earthquakes here as the main harbour lies right across the the harbour. We managed to trump them with the English one this week.

We landed and managed to get off safely and follow our leader through the suburbs of Wellington to this site. We were then promptly shepherded on to a coach for a guided tour of Wellington, which is a lovely city. The parliament is here and it has many Victorian and Edwardian buildings, as well as the superb harbour setting. At the end of this tour we were brought to a Maori museum, but I'm afraid many of us dashed over the road to a supermarked (New World) as we are literally out of food, and had to eat out last night (a smashing restaurant near the site at Blenheim, set in a garden, with a couple singing and playing guitars, and fabulous food). Anyway, we're stocked up for a few days now.

Just as well - tomorrow we have another long drive up to Taupo, which will be about a 6 hour drive I think. From there we go up to Rotorua on Sunday to see all the Maori cultural stuff (have some chap stick his tongue out at us actually), before we proceed up to the Bay of Islands middle of next week. Should be more restful up there.

The weather is very hot again today, and there about a million crickets chirping in the trees here. As I sit here, I am swaying as though still on the ferry. My inner ears need some rest!

Back to the van - Richard is cooking steak and chicken kebabs for tea - and then another early night. I've never had so many.

Thanks for the comments about the wine, Wendy - we'll think again about that. And I gather Josie S is in Wellington just now - what a shame we won't be able to meet up.

Speak to you all from Taupo tomorrow

Christine and Richard


jonezee said...

Hi Christine and Richard,
I am so pleased you enjoyed the crossing and your trip around Wellington. When you said that you were going to be staying outside Wellington I was afraid that you would miss out on seeing the city. We stayed in Lower Hutt for a while. That's where our friends live. They took us all over Wellington. It is a really clean and tidy city. We went up tp the Botanical Gardens on the Cable Car and the views were fantastic. Then they drove us around the complete bay and took us up to the wind turbo above the city, to take in the view.

It is a long drive to Taupo, but well worth it.
We had a wonderful soak in the thermal baths at DeBretts Spa Resort $6 each for as long as you like. If you get time there, you must find a restaurant called The Crooked Door, the food is second to none. You can't miss it. It has the appearance of an old black and white Tudor style building. The address is 92 Robert Street.

Rotourua is quite a large town, and very busy. We found it difficult to cross the street, with all the traffic. However the place 'stinks'. You will see [or rather smell] what I mean.

Anyway you sound like you're having a great time, and I am certainly enjoying your Blogs. I look every morning with anticipation of what and where you have been

jonezee said...

Hi Lucy,
Nice to talk to you. Many thanks for your comment. Just one thing. Is it possible to go to the latest Blog from Christine when I first open up? I have to scroll down every comment and blog in order to reach the latest. Needless to say that gets longer everyday, By the end of their trip it will take me forever. Thanks again.


Lucy said...

Hi Wendy - I think you are using the link to Mum's blog that she sent in her first email - which was to that first blog - and not the site.

Use this link

That will take you to the latest blog.



jonezee said...

That's better, thank you Lucy.

jonezee said...

That's better, thank you Lucy.
Sorry Christine I hope you don't mind if we talk amongst ourselves.