Sunday, 24 February 2008

Mount Cook

Sunday 24th February, 2008

Well - we're now at Mount Cook - or Aoriki to give its Maori name. It really is the most beautiful place - it's like being in the Himalayas. We travelled up from Queenstown, through a lovely wine growing area and then through a fruit growing and agricultural area. We then following the Lindis river for many miles through a gorge, quite breathtaking literally! We then came to Twizel, past some amazing dams and lakes that were a lovely turquoise colour, and then we came to the foot of Lake Pukaki. And there just ahead was Mount Cook, topped with snow and wearing a lovely shawl of clouds. Absolutely amazing. 

We've driven up here and are staying in the grounds of the Hermitage Hotel in a lovely cabin. They have even put us next door to a little launderette. Who's a happy bunny then?

We had the most amazing journey up here.  We travelled north from Queenstown through a beautiful wine growing area, then to Cromwell which is the centre of a fruit growing and agricultural area, and then north following the Lindis river, through the most fantastic gorge, quite breathtaking literally!  Then we arrived at Twizel, which is at the southern end of Lake Pukaki, and there - in all its glory - was Mount Cook, covered with snow and with a lovely shawl of clouds round its top.

We're here for 2 nights, and tomorrow will be a really lazy day. Tuesday we move up to Hanmer Springs, which I believe is a 7 hour drive! We're just about to eat in the Alpine restaurant here, which a buffet, and tomorrow night we might upgrade to the posher Panorama restaurant. Why not?

Thanks for all the comments - they're great and keep them coming.

Guy - we can't be bothered to do anything with photos but we're really going to bore you to death with them when we get back!

Speak to you all soon

Christine and Richard

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