Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sheep Shearing and Knickers

23rd February, 2008

...and another exciting adventure. After a quiet day at the van at Queenstown, we set off on the TSS Earnslaw to the other side of this lake and visited an Edwardian homestead for a lovely dinner and then watching a NZ comedian shearing sheep etc. Quite an evening.

Tomorrow we drive up to Mount Cook and transfer into some rather smart cabins for two evenings.

Weather is hot, heavy, and quite changeable.

Lucy - you remember what I said about my underwear in New Zealand - well, I've started!

Quite embarassing actually - especially when a young backpacker asked me if I'd had a good night! Oh dear! Must do better.

Speak to you all soon

Christine and Richard


milkmenandmorris said...

no need for that sort of talk, I was eating my breakfast.

Lucy said...


I'm blushing now...

jonezee said...

The mind boggles!