Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Dunedin, New Zealand

Wednesday, 19th February, 2008

Hello everyone. Hope I'm in the right place at last.

We're now in Dunedin. Picked up the motorhome this morning and drove for 5 hours south from Christchurch, through the most amazing scenery. We could just about see the alps over to the west, and we followed the Pacific down on our left, which was the most amazing glorious green colour, and the surf! We're parked up for our first night here, and it's a very busy site with lots going on. A full day tomorrow exploring this area - known as the Otaga Peninsula. We're going to see a castle, some wild life (penguins, seals, etc. and then a trip on a steam train. It's all go!

Useless fact for the day - Richard has had all his hair shaved off! Can't imagine why - just hope it grows back quickly. The electronic tag obviously isn't working properly.

Internet access here in New Zealand costs money - this lot was $2, yesterday at the hotel in Christchurch was $10. Cheeky beggars!

All for now - will post again shortly.



Lucy said...

Yay - at last - good to see you blogging.

Sounds like you are having a great time - any photos of Dad's head?

jonezee said...

I'm really enjoying this, and look forward to hearing from you. It sounds like your having a great time, and I feel like I am living every minute of the journey with you. I agree with Lucy. Would love to see a photo of Richard"s head. Has it gone brown yet?