Monday, 25 February 2008

Relaxing at Mount Cook

Monday, 25th February 2008


We've spent a very pleasant and relaxed day at Mount Cook and the Hermitage Hotel. There is a museum here dedicated to Edmund Hillary, and it's absolutely fascinating. Richard really enjoyed that. And there are a couple of films of his life and the conquest of Everest etc.
The weather changed dramatically last night and we had rain and rain! Mountains rapidly disappeared, of course. This morning it was still rainy but we could just about see Mount Cook - although she still had her topping of snow, she now had a ever changing hat of cloud that never quite revealed the top.

Tomorrow we move back down the valley and then have a long run up to Hanmer Springs. I expect the weather will revert back to the heat and sunshine that we've had everywhere else.
Silly thought for the day - it's only 10 months to Christmas.

Richard's hair is growing back. He now has a white fuzz all over - it reminds me of our younger son when he was a baby! (Sorry, M)

Will be here again tomorrow night

Christine and Richard

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