Thursday, 18 August 2011

Twenty-first appointment

Thursday, 18th August, 2011

Block of the day - Clam Shells

Long, long day. It started with a trip to the audiology department at Warrington General where Richard had his ears tested and his hearing aids adjusted. His hearing has not deteriorated too much over the last three years, but he can now hear much better.

We then processed to IKEA with the idea of getting a quick and very cheap breakfast but the world and his wife - and all their children - had beaten us to it. So we grabbed a croissant each and a cup of free coffee (tastes much better when it's free) and headed off to Clatterbridge via the Runcorn bridge.

We got to the Oncology Centre at around 11.15 and signed in. Although the place seemed quiet and calm, Richard was still about an hour or so late going through. And the machine started being awkward while he was in there. But we were on our way by around 1.50 p.m., again in time to listen to the Archers.

We drove down to Wrexham and inspected their new shopping centre. And then we drove over to the Caravan Club site at Chirk and had fish and chips with Tony and Von, Jack and Irene. It was good to do something that wasn't connected with hospitals, machines and doctors. Thanks!

Another day tomorrow (GP and Clatterbridge) before we get two days off.


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