Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tenth Appointment

Thursday, 4th August, 2011

Block of the day - The Reel

Another relatively easy day. Richard was about 45 minutes late going in, and out again in 10 minutes. I asked if I could go in to see this machine and they said I could. Wow! Some machine! It is enormous, and the technology surrounding it is amazing. Looks like something out of Star Trek. I'm glad I've seen it though - it gives me an idea of what is happening.

We stopped off at Warrington Hospital Audiology Dept. and made Richard an appointment for 18th August - it's three years since he had his ears checked and the hearing aids made. He is having a bit of bother with them at the moment, so they can check it all out for him. We couldn't get into the car park at this hospital - it's always hopeless and, even if you do get in, it costs a fortune - so we parked in a nearby street. We were just hurrying back to the car - it was raining - when we spotted a traffic warden taking the number of the car down! We quickly jumped in and sped away. We then stopped in the village to pick up yet another prescription and something for lunch. Looking at the prescription slip, we can see that Richard needs to see the doctor before the next lot of pills is handed out. Yet another appointment to make.

Home now and having a cuppa.

Another posting tomorrow


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