Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Twenty-fifth appointment

Tuesday, 23rd August, 2011

Block of the day - Honey Bee

We got to the hospital around 11.00 a.m., and waited. Things seemed to be going quite slowly, but Richard actually went through to the machine at around 1.00 p.m. 10 minutes later we were on our way out, and decided to go to Chester to do a bit of shopping. We drove down to Boughton Heath to use the park-and-ride and discovered that Chester is in the middle of redesigning itself. The road works everywhere were enormous and chaotic! The bus driver however seemed to know his way around all this and we managed to do our shopping and get back to the car. Home by 4.30 p.m. - not too bad!

Another appointment tomorrow - we're getting there slowly. 12 more appointments to go!

Minimum total mileage so far - 1,500.

Back tomorrow


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