Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Hello from Skagway. I made a mistake yesterday when I said our next port of call was Whittier - I'd completely forgotten Skagway! Sorry Laurence! I really should read the itinerary.

We arrived here early this morning, and we're not sailing until 8.00 p.m. We've booked to go on a mountain train up to White Pass which is the old road that was used at the time of the gold rush, and apparently there is lots to see. We cross the border back into Canada for a short while, too. That trip starts at 12.00, so we've time to get back to the ship for a bite to eat before setting off. We've just ambled round this place. It's tiny compared to Ketchikan and Juneau, and is just full of the tourist shops selling jewellry, furs, clothing of all sorts. And - you've guessed it - there's another quilting shop. Not as big as the other two that I found, but certainly as big as anything in the UK. Quilting is definitely doing well up here. Must be all the dark, winter nights with nothing else to do.

We enjoyed another show last night - the entertainers from the ship put on a fabulous performance mostly dancing. We also listened to a lecture from a woman called Libby Riddler (think that's right) who won the Iderodod mushing race back in 1995 and who is a national celebrity up here. She certainly knows all about dogs and mushing! Can't imagine anything I'd like to do less.

So this really could be the last entry until we reach Japan. I'll try for Whittier, but I'm not sure about that. And, for some weird reason known only to the US mobile phone networks, I have absolutely no connection for my phone. I've used it all over the world - South Africa, Japan, etc. - with no problems, but not here.

Be back soon



Jonezee said...

Sorry not to have replied before now, but have been really busy, trying to get everything done before our holiday. I have been reading you blogs and they sound very wonderful, so many places and things all new to you.[Except the quilting of course]. We were interested in the comments you had to make about the ship. It is as we suspected very [Americanized] Can't say I am looking forward to that. It's not so much the Americans- we have met some lovely ones on our travels. It's the way they want to make money out of you all the time.
By the way I looked at the picture online, live view from the bridgecam of the Golden Princess [our ship] today 16thSep. and it says it is on route to Ketchikan. Perhaps you have seen it. Hope it gets back in time to meet us in LA. Jeep them coming I shall be watching.


Guy said...

News from home. Sam's gone back to Oz for 8 weeks. Good news however, he's in the first team squad for next season.