Saturday, 11 September 2010

More Vancouver


We've had the most wonderful day here in Vancouver. After 12 hours sleep last night, we're feeling more human today, and we set off after a wonderful breakfast here in the hotel on to the Vancouver Rickety Tram for a hop-on, hop-off sort of journey. This place is amazing! You could spend a fortnight here (and should) and still not see everything. We've only touched the main city, but the rest of this archipelago is wonderful. Just take a look at an atlas and see what the geography is like and you'll see what I mean.

Favourite place was Granville Island - I want to live there. They have the best market ever - and we've been to a few - with such a variety of produce and all so fresh. And the shops there! I found a shop called Maiwa which sold everything I'd ever need.

The next favourite place was Stanley Park. The trees and plants were so beautiful, the views - I could go on and on. We sat in a lovely cafe eating a basked of chips and watching ships go out under the Lion Bridge. We could just see Vancouver Island in the distance.

As you can see, we love this place. Downtown is mad busy and you get neck ache looking up between the skyscrapers (our hotel bedroom is on the 26th floor), but the rest of the city is fantastic. Apparently, Vancouver is in the top ten of the world's favourite places to live.

We're just going in to dinner in the hotel. There's a proper 'posh' dinner nearby for first-class passengers on the ship - obviously we're not in that category. We've got to have our cases packed for 8.00 a.m. to be taken to the ship, and then we board around 11.00 a.m. There was a cruise ship in today, and it looks so huge. Ours is much the same size, which is frightening.

Hope to write again tomorrow but I'm not sure what the arrangements are on the ship. Here in the hotel it's free to use the computers.


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Jonezee said...

Oh! Christine, it sounds absolutely fabulous, and you haven't even boarded the ship yet. Vancouver sounds like a wonderful place.

I know how huge those liners can look. They are very majestic when you see them up close. I can't wait to hear what it is like onboard and what you think of it. Any tips you can give us would be appreciated, since we shall be travelling with the same cruise line.