Monday, 6 September 2010

Nearly ready

It's Monday 6th September, and we've started the dreaded packing. We have - at last - our tickets, passports, car parking form, visas, some currency and our boarding passes. We have booked some shore excursions, but are leaving the rest until we're there.

Many thanks to everyone who has given us tips and advice - Cynthia whose friend Jean in Pennsylvania was so helpful, Laurence and Christine, Wendy and Peter - and to Wendy's friend from Goole who told us more in ten minutes at the golden wedding party the other day than we have gleaned over the past year. And thanks too to our neighbours who are looking after Walton towers while we're away.

The next posting will be from one or other airport or from our hotel in Vancouver.


1 comment:

Jonezee said...

Bon Voyage to both of your. I shall be watching everyday to see what you are up to.

Wendy x