Wednesday, 22 September 2010

All at sea!

Hello everyone. This is a quick update from the ship. As I suspected, there was no internet access in Whittier, and we've been at sea ever since. Today is Tuesday, 21st September, and tomorrow is Thursday, 23rd September. I don't know what day you're all at, but that's the date here!

We have a fantastic train ride at Skagway, quite stupendous. The next day we cruised through Glacier Bay and after that we cruised through College Fjord. Both were utterly magical and undescribable. We then docked at Whittier for the day, a one-eyed town if ever there was one, while some passengers got off and more got on. We are now sailing westwards across the Pacific. We followed some of the Aleutian Islands down - including Kodiak - and then crossed north into the Bering Sea, still following these Aleutian Islands. We'
re about half way through the Bering Sea now. We cross the IDL at around 2.00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Sometime after that we cross south out of the Bering Sea and follow the Kamchatka Peninsula down towards Japan's Hakkaido island. We reach Muroran on Sunday morning, and we have a trip booked to take us up to Sapporo and some other places of interest. I'm hoping that I can find an internet cafe there and will be able to write more.

Unfortunately, Richard is unwell. He has a terrible chesty cough and more catarrh than anyone should be asked to deal with. He went down to the see the doctor yesterday who put him on a nebulizer and then on to antibiotics. If anything, he seems worse today, but hopefully, once the antibiotics kick in, he'll improve. I'm taking back down to see the doctor later this afternoon, whether he likes it or not. He looks and sounds awful!

That's all for now folks. This is costing a small fortune, and I won't tell you what the doctor's appointments cost. Ah well!



Pollianicus said...

Oh dear - do hope Dad starts to feel better soon. {{{hugs}}}


Jonezee said...

I'm so sorry Richard is feeling unwell. I hope you will be able to take the excursion in Japan. Everything sounds terrific. Except the charges on board. Can't say I am looking forward to our cruise. I keep looking at the bridge cam live online. Our ship seems to be following yours. Don't know how it is going to be in LA in time for us next Wednesday. It's Wed. 22nd Sep. today.

Anonymous said...

Sounds eventful! hope your having a good time.
Looks like your missing my 19th and mum and dads 20th anniversary!
Hope grandad gets better
Becki xxxx

Guy said...

Sad news from home I'm afraid. Nala had to be put down this morning.