Thursday, 21 July 2011

First session

Thursday, 21st July 2011

Block of the day - Strip Rail

Well, we made it - first session done. We arrived around 3.15 p.m. and found our way through to the reception desk, not an easy task in this hospital. Richard was directed to machine V10-6. I had in mind that we were down for V10-4, so queried this. But just for today Richard was to use V10-6 which, of course, was in a completely different location. A kind lady took us through, and we 'signed' in. For these radiotherapy sessions to work, one has to have an empty bowel and a full bladder! So, quick enema and then three cups of water. We didn't wait too long, and Richard was ushered in. He had to lay on a bed, the machine was lined up with his tattoos etc., and then it rotated and sashayed around him for 10 minutes. And that was that. No after-effects that we can see, so so far so good. We had a cup of coffee in one of the WRVS cafes and then left.

Clatterbridge Hospital is on the Wirral, so is very handy for the Brimstage Craft Centre, some rather nice towns and for Cheshire Oaks/Colliseum retail park - very difficult to pass by these places without calling in. Today, we stopped in the Colliseum retail park at the M & S food shop and bought something nice for tea. Now to catch up with the Tour de France and those mountains.

More tomorrow!

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