Monday, 28 January 2008


Hello everyone. This blog will keep you updated on what we're doing on our odyssey. Hope you all enjoy it! Do keep in touch with us and let us know what you're up to.


Rovernut said...

Hi Richard and Christine. Hope you have a great time down under, but bet you wish you were coming to Monte Carlo with us!

Chris, Gerry and Mike.

Lucy said...

Woohoo - it's working. I've deleted the first blog for you just to clean it up. Let me know if you need anymore help with it.


jonezee said...

well done you. Can we expect to receive blogs whilst you are on your travels, or are you saving them until you return?

Laurence said...

Does this now replace the Facebook web blog site Christine, or is it in addition to ???.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to be reading this mainly at work. If you need to e-mail me for any reason, I'm at

Anonymous said...

Mother - I'll be reading this mainly in work.
Looking forward to it,

janehutson said...

Hi Christine
You can ignore my email as you can see I've now got it working! Have a great trip and looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane.


Christine Walton said...

Hello everyone. Thanks for the comments. We've nine days now before we go. Richard has packed his spare glasses, his hearing aid, and has got a carrier bag of medication - so he's all ready!
Will be in touch shortly.

jonezee said...

Off you go then, you lucky people. I hope you have as good a time as we did. We are still living the dream. Have a good journey and enjoy yourselves in all those wonderful far-away places. Bring home loads of pics. and happy moments to relate.
Lots of love Wendy & Peter x

Christine Walton said...

February 13th 2008 - at last!
We're all packed, doing last minute checks, and waiting for our lift to the airport. The weather here is glorious - but I suspect it's going to be even hotter where we're going.
We'll be in touch shortly!
Christine and Richard

Christine Walton said...

Hello all
We're at Changi Airport at the moment, waiting for the flight to Sydney (overnight - 7.5 hours - ugh). We've been in Singapore for 24 hours now - an amazing, vibrant city with such flowers and trees - but my God has it been hot. When we're out in the street, it's like walking through a tropical greenhouse and someone wacking you with a hot flannel. Exhausting!
Hoping that Sydney is cooler and fresher. We had a fabulous hotel and we even managed to have tea at Raffles Hotel!
Speak to you all soon

Lucy said...

Great to hear from you....

But - that's the stuff you put on your **blog** not on the comments!!!!

Take care


us@72 said...

Hi Christine and Richard

We stayed just down the road from Raffles at the Carlton. Found Singapore a bit too hot for our liking, Good luck with the next leg of your journey.

Alan and Ruth

ps Hi to Jane if you read this

milkmenandmorris said...

hurry up! where are you? let's have some pictures!


Christine Walton said...

OK, Lucy - well where on earth do I add to the blog? Can't find my way anywhere else than this page
It's 7.00 a.m. and we're at Sydney Airport (what a dump) on our way to Christchurch - last leg before we start our holiday proper. Can't wait! We spent yesterday at Darling Harbour watching the celebrations for the Chinese New Year - great fun. Let me know how to get to the right page will you?
I'm arranging to have your pa electronically tagged - I keep losing him and, of course, he wouldn't hear any loudspeaker announcements. Great fun there as well! We almost missed our flight at Changhi Airport the other day!
Weather here is cloudy but warm. Not as humid as Singapore, thank goodness.
Speak to everyone soon.
Christine and Richard (or Mum and Dad)

jonezee said...

Great to hear from you. Changi Airport is amazing isn't it? All those lovely fresh orchids. And the shops, The air-con. is something else. I expect you were filled with a false sense of comfort which made the outside heat even more intense. So Sydney Airport sounds much like Manchester Airport, you just can't wait to get away before you catch something nasty. I hope you enjoy Christchurch as much as we did. Maybe you will be able to get a trip on the gondola, the weather wasn't good enough for us, but I believe that it is a trip well worth taking. If that's too daunting you can always play a leisurely game of chess in Cathedral Square, with those giant pieces. Everywhere is so clean. I am sure you will enjoy.

milkmenandmorris said...

This bloody Blog. I have to set up a password everytime I try and post a comment. Anyway glad you've finally made it, sounds spectacular. I thought sons were supposed to take after their fathers? I've been shaving my hair off for years. Anyway, off to Altrincham to sort out a prom dress for Becks. Can you load pictures on to this thing?


rovernut said...

Just found the comments part of your blog. Now about to read said blog when(if) I find it!

Have fun